Scorpios Sailing

Places We Visit

Our sailing programme varies from week to week due to wind direction and guest requests. On the Ionian coastline there are many unspoilt traditional village ports and harbours that provide a mooring for us each evening. They all have their own character, features and charm. Here are a few details on some of them to give you a taste of what you will find...

Southern Ionian

Cruising into the Southern Ionian, we find the islands of Lefkas, Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos, Atoko, Ithaki and Cephalonia. From turquoise waters to delightful towns full of the finest Greek tavernas and restaurants, the Southern Ionian truly represents some of the best that Greece has to offer.

Lefkas Island

Lefkas Town
This is the base port for Scorpios Sailing and is situated on the north-eastern corner of Lefkas Island. It is the biggest town that we visit and is a mixture of tourism blended with general local commerce. It has been described as a "riotous assembly of buildings" and exploring its narrow back streets and pretty alleyways is great fun.

Lefkas town, port and restaurants, Lefkada Greece - Scorpios Sailing

Nidri promenade Lefkada Greeck Ionian


Nidri lies in a beautiful location. It is directly opposite Aristotle Onasis’s Island “Scorpios” at the narrow entrance that leads into Vlicho bay. The main street bustles with life in the summer and there is a large selection of tavernas and cafes on the quayside.

Quay and restaurants at Nidri, Lefkada Greece


In a natural harbour situated on the South West corner of Lefkas Island, Sivota is still an active fishing village. The slopes of the surrounding hills fall steeply down to encompass the bay. It offers a wide selection of tavernas, bars and a few souvenir shops.

Fishing boats at Sivota harbour, Lefkada Ionian Greece Taverna by the yacht marina, Sivota Lefkada Greece

Meganissi Island

Stunning Bay with Cypress trees and aqua-marine water - Luxury with Scorpios Sailing

Vathi Town
This is the island's principal village. It has a small fishing harbour, a quayside for yachts and a village square. The local ferry calls here from Nidri several times each day. It is a favourite with many of our guests, providing plenty of activity while maintaining a quiet, traditional feel.

Spilia Bay
Perched above Spilia Bay is the charming white village of Spartochori. It is well worth the short walk up to the viewing platform, through the pines, to see the tremendous view of the Inland Sea to the north. The sleepy bay is very popular with yachts and has a number of tavernas to choose from for dinner.

Quayside taverna Vathi Town, Meganissi Ionian Greece

Meganissi the island of secluded bays great for swimming from the yacht on a Scorpios Sailing luxury holiday

Kapali and Abelike Bays and Porto Elia
These bays are on the north east corner of Meganissi. We anchor off here for lunch time stops and occasional nights. They offer peace, tranquillity and beautiful turquoise waters for swimming and snorkelling.

The village of Katomeri sits on the hill over-looking these bays. It is a traditional white-washed island village whose charm is within walking distance.

Kalamos Island

Fishing village Kalamos is untouched by tourism

Kalamos town
This small, mountainous island is practically untouched by tourism. It has working fishing boats in its harbour and a small daily ferry which runs to the mainland town of Mitikas, with a few tavernas around the harbourside.

The village climbs steeply from the port and the morning walk to the bakery is sure to get the heart rate going!

Kastos Island

Kastos village
This is a very small island to the south east of Kalamos. We use anchorages off Kastos island for lunch stops as the waters are particularly clear here and we frequently moor up in Kastos village harbour for the night. There are no vehicles to speak of on this island, with no shop and no place to take rubbish ashore. They don't come much smaller than this delightful port.

Scorpios Sailing often stop for lunch at a Kastos harbour or bay in Kastos, Greece

Atoko Island

Tombstoning from the cliffs of the uninhabited Atoko Island Greece

This is a favourite stop en route to Ithaki. It is an uninhabited island with two well protected bays. One House bay is a sweeping bay on the eastern side with Cliff Bay offering stunning white cliff faces and turquoise water.

This island is perfect for "Tombstoning" - jumping from the cliffs into the clear blue water on a hot afternoon.

Ithaki Island

Vathy town
This small picturesque town is the principal town in Ithaki, and is very picturesque. Sitting at the end of a large deep bay, the town gently climbs up the surrounding hillsides. It has a large attractive square and a good selection of tavernas, bars and small shops.

The large deep bay at Ithaki Island home of Odysseus and the Odyssey - Scorpios Sailing

Kioni Harbour Ithaki Island Ionian Greece - Scorpios Sailing


The entrance to this pretty village port is marked with three old stone windmills which are now sail-less.

Although Kioni is something of a "honey pot" for yachts, this does not detract from its attractive, rustic village feel. It has several good tavernas and some pretty gift shops.

Cephalonia Island

Caphalonia Island, Southern Ionian, Greece - Scorpios Sailing

Stunning Bay with Cypress trees and aqua-marine water - Luxury with Scorpios Sailing

Fiskardo is possibly the most attractive harbour-side village we visit. The quayside buildings are a palette of pastel shades and the taverna tables are practically set between the gang planks! It is a very popular spot with Italian boat owners in August, so when we visit in high season, we make a special effort to get a prime quayside spot, generally around lunch time. There are lots of chic gift shops in the village and several beaches within a 10 minute walk.

Fokis Bay

This stunning bay lies just a mile or so south of Fiskardo. Its banks are covered with Cypress trees and the water is a deep aqua-marine. This bay is also easily accessed by foot within 20 minutes by going around the headland from Fiskardo. It has a beach and provides a nice afternoon excursion after we have moored and lunched.

Stunning Bay with Cypress trees and aqua-marine water - Luxury with Scorpios Sailing

Agios Euphemia
This is a typical Greek village on the East coast of Cephalonia. It used to be the main port for the east of the island, but after the 1953 Sami earthquake, the next town to the south took on this role. It is a small village port with beautiful views across the channel towards Ithaki.

Agios Euphemia, Southern Ionian, Greece - Scorpios Sailing

Sami is a small town that has made a name for itself as being the location for the filming of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It has a very colloquial feel and has a long sweeping beach running to the west of the town. It has a good yacht harbour and an active ferry port offering services to Ithaki and the mainland. There are plenty of tavernas to choose from around the harbour and a few gift and fishing shops.

From these two towns you can visit two natural cave sites, Lake Melissani and the Cave of Drogarati. Both are a short taxi ride from either port.
Beautiful secluded Ionian beach Greece for sailing holidays with Scorpios Sailing

Northern Ionian

When we cruise to the north of Lefkas island we find the islands of Paxi, Antipaxi and Corfu. There are also several beautiful small ports on the mainland coast of western Greece.

Gaios & Paxi
Paxi is a small island to the south of Corfu. It is a popular island in high season but it is not on the general tourist map and so still retains a 'get away from it all' feel.

The principal town of Gaios is photogenic and full of character and charm. The town square fronts on to the harbour which is well protected and the islet of St Nicholas nestles close by creating a picturesque channel.

Paxi, near Corfu in the Northern Ionian - Scorpios Sailing

Antipaxi is a tiny island further south we often anchor for lunch in the bays on the north east corner where the waters are clear, turquoise and inviting!

On the mainland facing these two islands is a string of interesting village harbours where we often spend the night.

Exploring Plataria in the Northern Ionian, Geece with Scorpios Sailing

Plataria is a small village harbour with a sandy beach, several good tavernas and an attractive promenade around the harbour and village.

Mourtos is a village port surrounded by the small wooded Sivota Islands. There are three and all are uninhabited. The village of Mourtos is very quaint with a square, a few tavernas and a handful of small shops.

Sivita Mourtos, Northern Ionian Greece

The town of Parga is built around its Venetian Castle, known locally as the Kastro. The harbour we use is to the the west of the town. From here it is a pleasant walk around the bay, up the hill to the castle and then drop steeply down in to the small lanes of Parga. A water taxi also plies the bay, taking you into town for a few Euros. If you choose to have dinner in a taverna at the top of the hill, just below the castle, there are stunning views over the other bay that lies to the east of the town.

Enclosing a Venetian castle, Parga is one of the most beautiful stops Scopios Sailing makes

Mid-afternoon in Vonitsa, Greece with Scorpios Sailing

Vonitsa sits on the southern side of the Gulf of Amvrakia. It has a pretty waterfront that has been paved and is very pleasant to stroll along taking in the views of the gulf. Its Venetian fort is a little way up the hill from the quayside where we moor up for the night.